Buying a Property in Adelaide

Undertaking a conveyance may seem a simple process that takes little time, however, nothing is further from the truth! Conveyancing is a complex series of tasks that require knowledge and skill – which is the reason why 1836 Conveyancing is the team for you.

We will take the trouble out of the legal paperwork required to be completed on your behalf from the date of the signing of the contract through to settlement day.

Just some of the tasks that our experienced team undertake on your behalf include, but certainly not limited to:

  • Review Contract and Form 1
  • Certificate of Title searches
  • Searches of government departments and local authorities
  • Advice on the effect of the contract
  • Preparation and certification of legal documents
  • Stamping of required documents
  • Calculation of adjustments of rates and taxes
  • Preparation of settlement statements
  • Liaison with mortgagors and financiers; and
  • Attendance at settlement.
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